Sunday, October 24, 2010

California Walks for Uganda

On Friday, October 22nd Mrs. Yollis' and Mrs. Ranney's classes walked their hilly community to raise awareness and money for their new Ugandan friends.
It was a lovely autumn day. Although the weather forecast predicted rain, it was a magnificent 68˚ F (18˚ C)! Thanks to the parents who help with the community walk!

What was your favorite part of the walk?

Do you have any questions for the classes?


Iman said...

Dear Mrs. Yollis,

The walk was very fun. My favorite part was singing in the cul-de-sac with my friends. I would definitely want to do this walk all over again so I can relive the great moments that we all had.


Miss Jordan said...

Dear Mrs Yollis, Mrs Ranney and students,

Wow! I loved watching the video of your walk/run, it was fantastic! I particularly enjoyed seeing all of the houses and streets in your community, it looks like a great place to live!

Did you walk past any of the students' houses?

You have all done a great job learning the lyrics to the songs, and I especially love hearing the "G'day mate" part in the Hello song. It makes me laugh! I will think of you whenever I hear someone say g'day mate in the future!

Great job everyone!

From Miss Jordan

Unknown said...

Dear Mrs Yollis, Mrs Ranney and students,

What a terrific video! I almost felt like I was on the walk with you all.

Like Miss Jordan, I also loved seeing what the houses in your neighbourhood look like. They look a bit different to the houses in our neighbourhood.

I loved seeing one house with Halloween decorations and some houses with American flags!

I notice you said you were singing in the cul-de-sac. The students in 2KM and 2KJ were very confused when we first saw that word as we say court.

I agree with Miss Jordan, it made me laugh to hear “G’Day Mate” and I wonder if we really sound like that?!

I loved your singing and I loved seeing so many parents get involved. What a great walk!

I have two questions for you

★ Does everyone in the USA decorate their house for Halloween?

★ Do many people in the USA put a flag in their front yard?

Your friend,
Miss McGeady

Jonah Salsich said...

Dear California friends,

What a great video you put together of your walk! It was interesting to see you walking up and down the hills of your neighborhood. Is the whole area where you live hilly like that?

It was also great to see all of the parents that joined you for the walk. That was one of the nice things about our walk also. It's always fun to have families involved with school projects.

Another similarity to our walk is that you also sang "Chay chay koo-lay." We sang it while we walked, which meant that some of us kept falling over when we walked with our hands on our ankles.

I was a little jealous that you got to use a bullhorn! Does Mrs. Yollis ever use that in class to get your attention? :)

Mr. Salsich

Anonymous said...

Dear UGP members,

I love your post!
I have one question...

Were you tied after your walk?

Your Friend in 2KJ


Anonymous said...

Dear Mrs Yollis and Mrs Ranney,

It's great that you walked around your community instead of your school.

It was really good to see that some people had put Halloween decorations up on their houses.

Here is a question for you,

How many parents came?

From Leah. ★

Anonymous said...

Dear UGP members,

I love your post.
I have a question for you...

How long did you walk for?

From Spencer.

Jaden said...

Dear Mrs. Yollis,

The walk was very fun. At first I was tired but I was telling myself not to give up. My favorite part was hearing the facts about africa. I think that everyone had a good time walking and singing. Did you have a good time?


Mikayla said...

I am in Mrs.Ranney's class. My name is Mikayla. I was very very tired after the walk. There was a lot of hills. Luckily, I had a great time! My mom came on the walk.
I have some questions for you.

Did your mom or your dad come on the walk?

How did you feel abuot walking for Uganda?


Aidan said...

Dear Mrs. Ranney, Mrs. Yollis and the two classes,

My favorite part of the walk was when we stopped and sang in the cul-de-sac.

I am looking forward to hearing the posts from Uganda and about Team Toa's walk.

@ Georgia
We practiced so most of us were not tired. We were all very excited.

All the best,
Aidan (Mrs. Ranney's class)

Ella said...

@Miss Jordan: Yes, we did pass by students' houses but just a few. It was fun to pass by friends' houses.
@Miss McGeady: A lot of people decorate their houses for Halloween, but not everyone. People have skeletons, graves, witches, black cats, and also pumpkins, and Jack-O-Lanterns. When we go trick or treating, we usually only go to the houses that are decorated.
Some people put flags up for the Fourth of July, which is Independence Day. Some people forget to take them off. Some people just have them all year long.

Thanks for watching our video and for your nice compliments.


Ella in Mrs. Ranney's class

Anonymous said...

Dear Mrs Yollis and students,

Well done to each and everyone of you all on your walk for the Uganda project.

I just loved watching your video on your walk.
What I really loved about your whole video was the amount of enthusiasm everyone had as you were all walking.
How great was the song which you all sang too. Awesome job everyone.

From your blogging buddy AA.

Anonymous said...

Dear Mrs. Yollis and class,

I love the video about the Ugandan Global Project!
I loved singing songs in the cul-de-sac. The walk was really fun and I wish we could do it again. I am proud of the walk we did because it was for a good cause.

I want to say thank you to the parents who helped during the walk.



Jie Ling said...

Dear Mrs. Yollis and Mrs. Ranney,

Hi, my name is Jie Ling.

You guys looked like you were having lots of fun in the slide show.

I have a few questions for you.

Did your friends in the community walk with you?
How long did you walk?
Did you get sweaty?

Best Wishes,
Jie Ling
Team Toa

Pareesa said...

Dear Ms.Yollis,
I loved the slide show you made of the walk.

It was very nice when you sang the songs because it sounded great!

I wonder how all of the classes
doing the Ugandan global projects walk is different?
Team Toa

Ethan said...

Dear Mrs,Yollis

I really like the playground you guys have and I really want to see more of the Uganda student's playground. It must be really hot in California.

How much water did the children drink?

How far did you guys walk for Uganda?

From Ethan
Team Toa

Robert said...

Dear Mrs.Yollis and Mrs.Ranney

I really like the video that you made. It was fun to watch.
I like the song that you made in the other comment.
When we walked it was windy.
When you walk was is hot or windy?
I wonder where did you do the walk? I wonder how long did it take to walk?


Andrew said...

Dear Mrs. Yollis Mrs. Ranny and class

I bet your classes were really tired when you guys were walking and my class was really tired so we brought lots of water and some people brought their snack in case they were hungry.
Did your class bring something to eat or drink?


Anonymous said...

Dear UGP,

@Miss. McGeady Thanks so much for the comment! In the USA most people decorate their houses for Halloween. Halloween is my favorite holiday! Some people put flags in their houses, but not everybody.

For some holidays like Fourth of July even more people put flags in their front yards. What is your favorite holiday?

@Miss. Jordan We did walk by a lot of students houses including mine!


Anonymous said...


Hi I am Leah from Mrs. Ranney's class! To answer your question, in both classes confined there was about 30 or 40 parents. In just our class there was about 20 parents.[rounded]I didn't know there was another Leah!


Unknown said...

Dear Jamie,

Thank you for your lovely comment.

Did you know that we don’t celebrate Halloween in Australia? Strangely, in the last couple of years the shops here have started selling Halloween stuff. Maybe they want to make money by getting people to celebrate it!

My favourite holiday is Easter. It is a great time to relax with friends and family….and eat chocolate of course!

Your friend,
Miss McGeady

Adia ♥ said...

Dear Mrs. Yollis,

The walk was SPECTACULAR! My favorite part was when we sang the Hello song and Chay Chay Koo Lay. Though it was very hard and perhaps everybody's legs started burning, I think it would definitely be nice to do this at least twice a month so we can get a taste of about how long our Ugandan friends have to walk each day.

@ Miss Jordan, We did walk by many of the students' houses. In fact, one of the first homes that belonged to a student was mine! It was really exciting to see the different houses with the extremely decorative Halloween decorations and American flags. How was your walk?

@ Grace, Ryan, and Jaden,

Congratulations on your own blog! You three certainly deserved it. I have a few questions for you guys:

Are you excited about your blog?

Are you nervous?

In the beginning of the school year, were you hoping to get a blog? Someday, I hope to earn one myself.

I look forward to blogging back to everyone.

Your blogging buddy,

Adia :)

Carly said...

Dear Mrs.Ranney,
I think our walk was so fun! I think our slide show looks awesome! I would definitely want to go on the walk again. I think it would be great exercise to walk six miles a day, but at the same time tiring.


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