Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Ugandan Global Project a Success!

Our Ugandan Global Project has come to an end.

It has been a terrific success!

We worked together and raised more money for our new Ugandan friends than we could have ever hoped!

Mrs. Yollis' class collected $1142 Mrs. Ranney's class collected $800 Mr. Salsich class collected $970 2KM and 2KJ collected $1680 Team Toa's School collected $15,000


We have been able to purchase the land for the ABC Divine Foundation Primary School, ensuring they now have somewhere to play. We have also provided enough money for the school to start building a sheltered kitchen and dining hall.


What did YOU get out of participating in the Ugandan Global Project? What did you learn?
How has your thinking changed?
How do you feel about your participation?

Please add your reflections to our Wallwisher
(click on "Post a Sticky")

Sunday, November 14, 2010

All About American Money

The students  living in America have been collecting pledge money for the Ugandan Global Project.

They are proud to announce that:

Mrs. Yollis' class collected          $1142
Mrs. Ranney's class collected       $800
Mr. Salsich class collected            $970

We are very proud that we were able to help our Ugandan friends!

Below is a VoiceThread created by the American students. 

In it, you will learn a little about the value of each coin and bill, and what can be seen on the currency.

What did you learn from the VoiceThread?

Do you have any questions about the American currency?

How is the money like your money? How is it different?

Thursday, November 11, 2010

Chinese Currency

We had a lot of fun advertising our walk for Uganda and getting our whole school excited about a great cause.

In China our money is called Renminbi or RMB for short

Our class raised
8,679 RMB
which is about
US$ 1,300

What an AMAZING effort.

Our school had a bake sale and all 23 classes came out to walk also
We ended up raising more than
That's more than
US$ 15,000

Can you believe it?

Here is a picture of our Chinese notes and coins.

We researched facts about Chinese money and put together a movie.

Have you ever seen Chinese yuan (also called renminbi, or kuai)?
How is our money similar or different to yours?
What did you find interesting?

Friday, October 29, 2010

All About Australian Money

The students in 2KM and 2KJ have been collecting lots of money for our Ugandan Global Project.

Our grand total is....

$1750 Australian dollars

which is

$1680 US dollars

This is an AMAZING effort from all the students, friends and family of 2KM and 2KJ.

Thank you!


We thought we would tell our friends in America, China and Uganda all about our Australian currency (money).

Check out this PowerPoint with photos of the money we raised for this project and facts about the Australian currency.
(Tip: click on the "Menu" button on the right hand side to view full screen)

What did you learn?

Do you have any questions about Australian currency?

How is money in Australia similar or different to other currencies?

Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Mrs Murphy's Visit to Uganda

2KM and 2KJ know a great teacher called Mrs Murphy. Mrs Murphy sometimes fills in if Miss Jordan or Miss McGeady is away.

Around five years ago Mrs Murphy visited Uganda for about a month. Her sister was studying international law at a university at Kampala and Mrs Murphy went to Uganda to visit her sister and learn more about this fascinating country.

They stayed with a family called the Senindes. Rose Seninde, the mum, was a school principal. Mrs Murphy got to visit lots of schools in Uganda.

Mrs Murphy put this video slideshow together to share her Ugandan trip with all of us!

Mrs Murphy's Time in Uganda on PhotoPeach

Leave a comment.

What did you find interesting about the slideshow?

Do you have any questions for Mrs Murphy?

Monday, October 25, 2010

Shanghai Walks for Uganda

We celebrated United Nations Day on October 22.
We began the day by visiting booths from different countries. You will see some of us dressed in our National Costumes. Can you guess where they are from?

It was a lovely autumn day.
Our whole elementary school, teachers, parents, principals and our superintendent came out to walk with us.

We walked round our track. Four times around the track makes one mile. We all walked between 2 to 3 miles. We calculated that we would have to walk around our track 24 times to walk for six miles. That would take at least two hours!

Thanks to all the classes, teachers, and parents that came out with us

What questions do you have for our Shanghai Walk for Uganda?

Sunday, October 24, 2010

California Walks for Uganda

On Friday, October 22nd Mrs. Yollis' and Mrs. Ranney's classes walked their hilly community to raise awareness and money for their new Ugandan friends.
It was a lovely autumn day. Although the weather forecast predicted rain, it was a magnificent 68˚ F (18˚ C)! Thanks to the parents who help with the community walk!

What was your favorite part of the walk?

Do you have any questions for the classes?

Saturday, October 23, 2010

Connecticut Walks For Uganda!

On Friday October 22nd Mr. Salsich's class completed our fund-raising walk for Uganda.
It was a beautiful autumn afternoon with brilliant leaves and a cool breeze.
We had so much fun walking together, singing, and doing visual scavenger hunts.

Here is a slideshow with some pictures of our walk:

Thanks to all the parents and the other third grade classes that joined us for the walk!

It was great to be out in the fantastic fall weather with our friends, knowing that we were trying to make a difference in the lives of others.

Do you have any questions or connections to our walk?

Thursday, October 21, 2010

2KM and 2KJ walk for Uganda!

The twenty-second of October has finally arrived, and anticipation was in the air as 2KM and 2KJ set off on the one hour walk/run this morning!

It is a lovely spring day here in Leopold, and all of the students, along with Miss McGeady and Miss Jordan, enjoyed the warm conditions as we ran for the Uganda cause.

We ran/walked laps around our two school ovals, check out the 600 metre route we followed on the map below...

Watch the fun unfold during our walk/run this morning...

Everyone loved being out in the fresh air and reflecting on our wonderful Ugandan Global Project. It is so great to be able to make a difference!

Do you have any questions about our walk/run today?

Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Who Will Walk First? Last?

The world is divided up into time zones.

The 10:00 A.M. walk on October 22 will happen at different times!  

Miss McGeady  and Miss Jordan

(Victoria, Australia)

Team Toa

(Shanghai, China)

ABC Divine Foundation School

(Uganda, Africa)

Mr. Salsich

(Connecticut, United States)

Mrs. Yollis and Mrs. Ranney

(Los Angeles, United States)


Here is a chart so you will know what is happening in your part of the world!
(Click chart to enlarge.)

Many students are wondering about time zones. Here is a helpful video explanation!

Which group of bloggers will walk first?

What is interesting to you about time zones?

Do you know any facts about time zones that you could  share?

Monday, October 18, 2010

A Day in the Life of a Shanghai American School Student

We have really enjoyed learning about students around the world.

We have found many similarities with all students, and some interesting differences too.

Here is our slide show showing a typical day in third grade at SAS...enjoy!

What is your favourite part of our day?

How is our day similar to yours?

What is different?

What questions do you have?

Friday, October 15, 2010

An Aussie Song - Home Among The Gum Trees

We have loved listening to and learning the songs that Mrs Yollis and Mr Salsich have posted over the past week.
Here in Australia we have a famous folk song that contains lots of different words and things to do with our country. It is called "Home Among the Gum Trees". Our Music teacher Mr Stribley recorded 2KM and 2KJ singing the song last week.
Here is the chorus and check out the actions we do!

Give me a home among the gum trees,

With lots of plum trees.

A sheep or two and a kangaroo,

A clothesline out the back.

Verrandah out the front,

And an old rocking chair.

If you would like to sing along with us, you can download the lyrics to our song below...

What did you think of our song?

Did you notice any Australian things mentioned in the song?

Thursday, October 14, 2010

A Day in The Life of a Connecticut Student

It has been so interesting learning about what a school day is like for students in Australia, California, and Uganda! There are many differences, but also a lot of similarities.

Here is a slideshow to give you an idea of what a typical day is like for students in Mr. Salsich's class in Connecticut, USA

Please tell us...

What did you think of our day?

How is your day similar to our day?

How is your day different to our day?

Do you have any questions about our school day?

Sing-a-long: Chay Chay Koo-lay!

Chay Chay Koo-lay  

 This is a call and response song. 
Join the classes of Mrs. Ranney and Mrs. Yollis as they 
echo back to Mr. B.!

Leader:  Chay chay koo-lay
Leader:   Chay chay Kofisa
  Leader:   Kofisa Langa  
Leader:   Kaka Shilanga
 Leader:   Kum Aden Day
Leader:  Kum Aden Day HEY! (all)

Leader: Hands on your head
Leader: Hand on your shoulders
 Leader: Hands on your waist
Leader: Hands on your knees
Leader: Hands on your ankles
Leader: Hands on your ankles, Hey! (all)

Wednesday, October 13, 2010

"Hello" from Connecticut, USA!

Mr. Salsich's class in Stonington, Connecticut
is almost ready to post
our slideshow of "A Day in The Life of a Stonington Student."

In the meantime, here is a quick song to say hello
to all our blogging buddies who are
participating on this great project
with us.

Do you know this song?

Do you know a different "Hello Song"?

What are some other languages that you know how to say "hello" in?

Tuesday, October 12, 2010

A Day in the Life of a Ugandan Student

Many thanks to Renee Waun for this post on a typical school day at ABC Divine Foundation Primary School in Uganda.

Boarding students get up and have a breakfast of porridge.

Day students begin arriving and school starts at 7:30am.

All students line up for morning assembly (announcements, etc.) before going to classes.
There is one period of recess in the morning (about ½ hour) and one in the afternoon.

Lunch of porridge and red beans is served from 1-2pm.

School is dismissed at 5:30 in the evening on Monday to Friday. School is in session 8:30 am to 1:30 pm on Saturdays.

When the day students leave, the boarding students bathe, eat food, and then go for revision lessons up to 9:30 pm, when they go to bed.

The boarding students get another meal before they go to bed, but sometimes they do not get a second meal (porridge) if finances are bad that week.

Here are some photos of the students at the Divine Foundation Primary School.

How is your life similar or different to that of a child at the ABC Divine Foundation School in Uganda?

Was there anything that surprised you about the lives of these children?

Leave a comment and tell us!

Sunday, October 10, 2010

A Day in the Life of a California Student

One terrific part of this project is learning about all of the different classes involved. It is great to compare what things are like in Australia, America, China and of course, Uganda! 

Here is a slide show about a day in the life of a student in California, America.

A Day in the Life: California on PhotoPeach 

How is our day like your day?

Do you notice any differences?

If you have a question, please ask! We'd love to answer using a quality comment!

Monday, October 4, 2010

A Day in the Life of an Australian Student

The Ugandan Global Project has been launched and everyone in 2KM and 2KJ are really excited about being involved in such a wonderful project.

One terrific part of this project is learning about all of the different classes involved. It is great to compare what things are like in Australia, America, China and of course, Uganda! We thought we would share what a day in the life of an Australian student is like.

Check out our presentation below to see what students in 2KM and 2KJ experience every day...

Please tell us...

What did you think of our day?

How is your day similar to our day?

How is your day different to our day?
Do you have any questions about school in Australia?

Friday, October 1, 2010


This is an elementary school blogging project.
Blogging buddies from six international classes will be working together to help young students in Uganda, Africa. This projects brings students together from Australia, North America, Asia, and Africa.

Vimeo option if YouTube is blocked at your school!

We look forward to meeting everyone and helping our new friends in Uganda!

Leave a comment
What do you know about Uganda?
What do you want to learn about the classes or countries involved in the project?
What is your personal goal for the project?
What will we get out of working together on this project?
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