ABOUT the Ugandan Global Project


To raise the social conscience and global awareness of our students through fundraising for The ABC Divine Foundation Primary School in Mutundwe, Uganda, Africa

The project spans across FOUR continents!

About the Ugandan Project
  • Primary/elementary school “blogging buddies” from around the world will collaborate together to raise money to help purchase land adjacent to The ABC Divine Foundation Primary School in Mutundwe, Uganda, Africa. The land will be used as a play area for the school. Click here to read more about the land purchase.
  • Each class will complete a one hour run/walk around their school or community at 10am on Friday 22nd October 2010.
  • The one hour walk signifies the effort the Ugandan students make to get an education. Many students travel long distances to get to school and some live so far away they have to stay at the school. From the school director: “Many families in rural areas live in abject poverty, with no school within a 6-mile walk. In areas where schools are available these poor families cannot afford the fees, and so their children grow up without any education at all.” Click here to read more from the director.
  • Students will collect flat pledge donations from their friends and families for completing the run/walk. The teachers in charge will collect the donations and pass them on to the Ugandan school.
About this Blog  

This Ugandan Global Project Blog http://ugandanglobalproject.blogspot.com/ will be a place for students to share and learn about each other. Posts will include: cultural and geographic information, training updates, the run/walk events, and the fundraising efforts. Hopefully the Ugandan students will be able to be a part of the blog through posting and/or commenting.


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