Saturday, October 23, 2010

Connecticut Walks For Uganda!

On Friday October 22nd Mr. Salsich's class completed our fund-raising walk for Uganda.
It was a beautiful autumn afternoon with brilliant leaves and a cool breeze.
We had so much fun walking together, singing, and doing visual scavenger hunts.

Here is a slideshow with some pictures of our walk:

Thanks to all the parents and the other third grade classes that joined us for the walk!

It was great to be out in the fantastic fall weather with our friends, knowing that we were trying to make a difference in the lives of others.

Do you have any questions or connections to our walk?


Linda Yollis said...

Blogger Linda Yollis said...

Oli otya!

Congratulations on your successful walk! It certainly was a beautiful autumn day. The trees were spectacular! We have a few trees that are starting to lose their chlorophyll and show their other hidden colors, but the Connecticut trees are magnificent!

I'm curious, what was the air temperature where you were?

I know the students will enjoy seeing your slide show about your walk for Uganda when I show them tomorrow.

Mrs. Y♥llis

P.S. Loved your musical choice!

Mr. Salsich said...

@ Mrs. Yollis,

Thank you for the comment. Yes, the trees in Connecticut certainly are magnificent this time of year!

Great question about the temperature! It was about 50 degrees Fahrenheit (or 10 degrees Celsius). It was perfect for walking and running because we didn't get too hot, and our exercise kept us nice and warm.

I look forward to hearing about your walk!

From, Mr. Salsich

Mrs. Ranney said...

Dear Mr. Salsich and Class,
What a wonderful slide show! Congratulations on a successful walk. Along with Mrs. Yollis, I was thrilled to see the beautiful colors all around your campus.
I most enjoyed seeing the slides of your class singing Chay Chay Koo-lay and knowing that we were singing it at about the same time!
I really look forward to showing my class the slide show tomorrow morning!
Maisha marefu!
(As my sister recently mentioned on the Welcome page, this literally translated from Swahili into English means "Long life!" or "To life!" It is used in the way we use the expression "Cheers!" at the end of a letter or blog post.)
So again,
Maisha marefu!
Mrs. Ranney

Miss Jordan said...

Dear Mr Salsich and class,

Congratulations on successfully completing your walk! It certainly looked like everyone had a wonderful time on Friday!

I loved seeing your schoolgrounds and you have very impressive play equipment!

It looked like a lovely autumn (fall) day and seeing the smiles on everyone's faces was lovely!

Your friend,
Miss Jordan

Anonymous said...

Dear Mr Salsich and Class,
That is interesting that you did your walk for the Uganda kids.

When 2KM and 2KJ did their walk/run I got puffed out but I still tried my best.
I have a question for you :?:
How many laps did you all do?

From your Buddy Bianca. (2KM )

Anonymous said...

Dear Mr.Salsich,

I like your post. 2KJ and 2KM were tied when we finished. I walked with my best freind Tom we got very tied.

At the end 2KJ and 2KM did some exisise then I had a big drink.

Best wishes Dylan

Anonymous said...

Dear Mr.Salsich,

I like your post.I was very tired when I finished the walk/run.I ran with my friend Clancy.

when I finished I had a big drink.

best wishes

Anonymous said...

Dear Mr Salsich and class,

Hi I'm Kealee in Miss Jordan’s grade. Some of my friends call me Kiwi.

Well done on achieving your walk or run around the school. I also think that if it is hot you will get to hot and walk, but if it is a little cold you want get hot and walk. That is the best way I could explain it to you.

When we were walking or running it was hot and we got baffed and tired.

Best wishes,

Mr. Salsich said...

@ Mrs. Ranney,
One of the big highlights of the walk was singing "Chay Chay Koo-lay." I led it a few times and then some of the students led the song and motions. It was great fun!

@ Bianka,
Thanks for your comment! I'm not sure how many laps we did because we didn't follow the same route for the whole time. We probably did about 15 laps around the soccer field and two laps around the whole school grounds. We ended with a circle through the play-scape.

From, Mr. Salsich

Iman said...

Dear Mr. Salsich,

Your walk seemed very exciting. I loved how all the trees were the gorgeous colors of fall,I also liked the last picture of one of your student on the bottom of the slide. It looked like you all had a wonderful time on your walk


Arisa said...

Dear Mr. Salsich's class,
Your video was great!! The best part was when your class is standing beside the colorful tree! In Shanghai you might not see much colorful trees!
We walked about one hour for the Uganda walk.
How long is your walk??

Team Toa

Andrew said...

Dear Mr. Salsich and class,

It was really tiring walking around our racing track and I bet I walked for either 2 or 3 miles on the running track. Do you think we raised enough money to buy maybe two or three lands for UPG?


Claire said...

Dear Mr.Salsich,
I love your slide show! My favorite part was when you walked past the colorful trees. We don't have such colorful trees in Shanghai.

How many miles did you walk for?
Team Toa

Sarah said...

Dear Mr. Salsich and Class,

Hi! My name is Sarah from Team Toa!

I wish you could get colorful trees like that here in Shanghai! I sometimes feel like there is no autumn at all here! I enjoyed having Autumn when I lived in Ohio!

Do you enjoy having Autumn in Connecticut? Does it snow in Connecticut?

It was quite warm on our walk. Although, today and yesterday were very cold!

Your Buddy,
Team Toa

Amanda said...

Dear Mr.Salsich's class

My name is Amanda.

I like your Slide show because it shows a lot of details. The best part I liked is when you show all the trees its really colorful. In Shanghai we don't have colorful trees.

The weather is different from yours because your leaves turn different colors every season.

Team Toa

Pareesa said...

Dear Mr.Salsich,
I love your slide show of the walk!

It looked like the weather there was very good.

How was your walk like to you?

Team Toa

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