Tuesday, October 12, 2010

A Day in the Life of a Ugandan Student

Many thanks to Renee Waun for this post on a typical school day at ABC Divine Foundation Primary School in Uganda.

Boarding students get up and have a breakfast of porridge.

Day students begin arriving and school starts at 7:30am.

All students line up for morning assembly (announcements, etc.) before going to classes.
There is one period of recess in the morning (about ½ hour) and one in the afternoon.

Lunch of porridge and red beans is served from 1-2pm.

School is dismissed at 5:30 in the evening on Monday to Friday. School is in session 8:30 am to 1:30 pm on Saturdays.

When the day students leave, the boarding students bathe, eat food, and then go for revision lessons up to 9:30 pm, when they go to bed.

The boarding students get another meal before they go to bed, but sometimes they do not get a second meal (porridge) if finances are bad that week.

Here are some photos of the students at the Divine Foundation Primary School.

How is your life similar or different to that of a child at the ABC Divine Foundation School in Uganda?

Was there anything that surprised you about the lives of these children?

Leave a comment and tell us!


Renee Waun said...

I LOVE the way you have put together all the photos with the special music. Very nice! You can really see what daily life is like at the school.

Renee Waun, Founding Sponsor, ARSF

Aidan said...

Dear UGP,

I love the blog post!! Can the members have more facts about Uganda school days and children?
I am looking forward to reading more comments from everyone.


Anonymous said...

Dear Renee,

I ♥ the way Miss McGeady made the photos into a Slide Show!

Yes, now I know the similarities bitween Uganda and Australia and differentses! I think Uganda is much more different then Australia because Austalian kids don't live at the school.

♥ to hear from you again!!!

Your new blogging buddy,
Rhiannon (2KM)

Anonymous said...

Dear UGP members,

Something interesting is that you do school outside and we do school inside it is also interesting
that some of you have to sleep at school.

From Seth in 2KM

Mr. Salsich said...

Dear UGP members,

What an incredible post! I won't ask any questions right now because I know my students will have a lot of questions and comments about the life of a Ugandan student.

I thought it was very interesting that some of the boys played drums at recess. I would be interested in finding out some of the other things the students do during free time. I wonder if they have some of the same sports and games that we have?

Thank you to Renee Waun and Miss McGeady for putting together this fantastic post. I look forward to reading all the excellent comments!

Mr. Salsich

Ella said...

Dear Ugandan Buddies,

I love your post! It has great music. I noticed that you have a longer school day than both our school day and the Australian's school day.

Do girls get to play drums too? I am a drummer and I wish I could play drums at school.

Ella in Mrs. Ranney's class

Anonymous said...

Dear UGP members,

What an intresting post about A Day in the life of an Ugandan studnet.

The slide show was very interesting.

I picked up some of the differences about An Ugandan studnet and us in Australia.
Here are some of the differences. Ugandan students travle to school in a van but we can travel in a bus and our buses are shiney and newer. Children bring mattresses to school.They have their own water containers and we can drink from the taps.

From BB (Bianca 2KM)

Anonymous said...

Dear Ugandan buddies,
We found some similarities and some differences. One of the similarities is that we love learning and so do you. One of the differences is that you call it porridge and we call it oatmeal. We love your video!

Mikayla and Jamie

Carly said...

Dear Ugandan Students,
My name is Carly and I am in Mrs.Ranney's class in California. What are some facts about Uganda? Is this correct that the colors of your flag are red yellow and black?
Yours Truely,

Andrew said...

Dear UGP,

I like your video about school. I was surprised that some of you live at school during the school year. A difference between your school and my school is that we don't have oatmeal for lunch.



Ryan said...

Dear UPG,

I think the music and video was wonderful! I found some simalarities and differences. Here they are:
We both LOVE learning and school. We also like to play the drums. I noticed some differentes too. You have longer school than us.



Miriam said...

Dear UGP Members,
I love the blog post! I was amazed to see how much effort you put into learning. One difference is that most of us live very close to our school so we don't have to walk far. What subjects do you study in school?

I hope that we can raise enough money to improve your school by buying a playground.


Ryan, his brother Justin and his mom said...

Dear UPG,

We LOVE video and music! We sponsor 2 children (Obline, a 10 year-old girl and Jonan, a 6 year-old boy) who live in Mubende, Uganda. We know this is near Kampala but are not sure how far they are from your school. We have received many letters from them. Their writing has really improved in the last few years. We try to write them often. They seem to live very similarly to you. They have short hair or shaved heads, have class outdoors often, eat rice and beans at school, and love learning!

Jonan loves soccer. He makes soccer balls out of banana fiber. Do you like soccer or make soccer balls out of banana fiber? Obline says that she loves church. Do you go to church?

Thank you again for your video.


Ryan, Justin and their mom

Ben said...

Dear UGP,
I liked the video of the Uganda children. Here is a difference: You go to school longer than we do. Here is something the same: I eat hot cereal every morning like your porridge. It looks like you have fun playing the drums.
Mrs. Yollis' class

Elena said...

Dear UGP,

Something that suprised me was that some students live at school. In Shanghai American School we don't live at our school. We live with our parents.

Do you guys like eating porridge every meal?

Team Toa

Patrick said...


Hello. I liked the day at the school in Uganda. It really told us what the children are like and what they live like.

I wounder if we could help them more like with their family.

from Patrick
Team Toa

Adrienne said...

Dear UGP,
I loved the slide show you made with the mattress on top of the van. I never new kids sleep over night at school.
From Adrienne
Team Toa

Ethan said...

Dear UGP

What is porridge made out of? At shanghai we eat a snack, apple, and bread it taste nice. And I also like porridge.

From Ethan
Team Toa

Anna said...

Dear UGP
I like the slide show. I like seeing
what you do that is the same and what
is different about the schools.
Team Toa

Alexa said...

Dear UGP members,

Wow, I love your post about your day in Ugandan school! I thought that your slide show was realy good. I notest a difference, you guys stay later in school then we do. We usually get out at 2:21 p.m.; and on Wednesdays, we get out a little bit earlier. On Wednesday we get out at 12.30 p.m..

I love making videos with my friends in class.

I have some questions for you:
Did you like making your video?
Have you ever been in a video before?

Alexa(Mrs. Yollis' student)


Hello my name is Hanan Bulime the founder and excutive director African Rural Schools Foundation, this ABC Divine FOUNDATIN PRIMARY SCHOOL is the first project of ARSF. this is very interesting, i did not know that our school days are that different from other school days in other country.
I love you all thank you for loving uganda. the pearl of Africa.

Anonymous said...

Dea UGP members,

We really feel bad for the people of Uganda because whenever it rains all the stuff outside gets all muddy and all wet so you probably cannot wear it for awhile.

Me and my friend are trying to raise $250 and $100 dollars a piece. We hope thats enough.

We have a few questions for you.
What is your favorite subject in school?

Hope you reach us soon.

some of your blogging buddies,
Tyler and Sam C. in Mr. Salsich's class

Kathleen said...

@ Hanan,

Thank you so much for taking the time to comment on our blog!

Everyone is really enjoying learning about Uganda. It is a fascinating country!

It is our pleasure to be able to help your school and we commend you for the terrific work you're doing at the ABC Divine Foundation School.

We hope to hear from you again!

Kathleen McGeady

Ms Woodward said...

Dear UGP,

It is very interesting to see how children in Uganda spend their time at school.
Children sleep at school and are assigned mattresses to sleep on. They are given water jugs and footlockers.

Do the girls get to play drums too?


Ms Woodward

Stephen said...

We spent over two weeks volunteering at ABC Devine in 2008. There is such a great feeling of community both within the school and the surrounding neighborhood. We felt the love reaching out to us and in turn we shared our love with the students. The photos truly reflect the experiences we will treasure for a lifetime.
Steve and Kay Martin

Kathleen said...

Dear Steve and Kay,

Thank you for checking out our blog.

We've had so much fun with this project and we've learnt a lot!

It's so nice to hear from someone who has been to the ABC Divine School. I bet it was an experience you will never forget.

Hope to hear from you again,
Miss McGeady

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