Monday, October 18, 2010

A Day in the Life of a Shanghai American School Student

We have really enjoyed learning about students around the world.

We have found many similarities with all students, and some interesting differences too.

Here is our slide show showing a typical day in third grade at SAS...enjoy!

What is your favourite part of our day?

How is our day similar to yours?

What is different?

What questions do you have?


Mr. Salsich said...

Dear Team Toa,

You put together a fantastic slide show about a day at SAS! It looks like you have a lot of fun at school. I am sure our class will have lots to comment on.

I especially like how you were able to show your whole day, including the mornings and evenings.

I spent some time in Beijing and Xian two years ago, and I loved my visit. I enjoyed eating with everyone around big tables and trying all the different foods.

I noticed that at lunch some of you have Chinese food and some have western food, but it sounds like everyone has Chinese food for dinner. Do some students also eat western food for dinner?

Mr. Salsich

Jaden said...

Dear Team Toa,

Your day sounds great. I would like to spend a day at your school. Something that is different is that we do not swim in P.E. We both have lunch at school.

Best regards,
Mrs. Yollis' student

Anonymous said...

Dear Team Toa,

I love your slide show. I like that you showed the food you eat so we could see how different our food is from yours. I have Chinese food all the time.

I found some differences in our lives. First, you have a swimming pool at your school and we don't. Second, you have a homework bin and we don't.

Happy blogging!


(Mrs. Yollis's student)

Iman said...
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Iman said...

Dear Team Toa,

I really liked your day. It is very nice, your voices never were never too low or too high. They were just right. Something that is different is: we don't have a swimming pool in our P.E. some similarities are we both love to read!

Your friend,
(Mrs. Yollis' student)

Aaron said...

Dear Team Toa

I loved your video!
I have a question.
How long is your school day?

Aaron :-] :-D :-)

ps.I came from China.

Adia said...

Dear Team Toa,

This is Adia in Mrs. Yollis' class in Los Angeles.

I loved your video about "A Day in the Life of a Shanghai American School Student." You spoke loudly so I could hear you. Here is a difference: You have a pool and we don't. Here is a similarity: We both have art.

I look forward to blogging with you again.

Your new friend,

Adia ★ ♥ ★

Hannah said...

Dear Team Toa,

I loved your video! You spoke loudly so that I could hear you. Something that is different is that you have a pool. Another thing that I noticed is that you use chopsticks when you eat.

I have a question for you: What is your favorite part of the day?

Your blogging buddy,

Ben said...

Dear Team Toa,

I liked the day in the life in Shanghai, China. I have a couple questions for you.

Do you use chop sticks to eat?

Ben in Mrs.Yollis class

Ryan said...

Dear Team Toa,

You made a fantastic video! Your day is very exiting. I noticed some differences. I noticed that you use chop sticks and we don't. Also you have a swimming pool and we do not.

I noticed some similarities too. You read a book before bed and so do we.

Do some students eat American food for lunch?


Andrew said...

Dear Team Tao,

I learned that you have recess at 9:15. I also learned that you go to swimming at school. A difference is you go swimming at school and we do not.

your friend,

Ella and Sydney said...

Dear Team Toa,

We love your slideshow! We love that you get to swim at P.E. Another thing we like is you get to use laptops. Do you like to type on the laptops?

Ella and Sydney from Mrs. Ranney's class

Carly, Jamie, & Jordyn said...

Dear Team Toa,
This is Carly, Jordyn, and Jamie. We are in Mrs. Ranney's class in California. We thought that your slide show was awesome!

We loved everything, so we didn't have a favorite part. It was all just so amazing!

We found some differences and similarities. One of the differences is that you have Western food and Chinese food in the cafeteria and we only have Hot Lunch and Grilled Cheese daily. Another difference is that sometimes you use laptops and we don't (We wish we did though). One similarity is that we also like to relax after school. One more similarity is that we all like Chinese food.

Carly loves Chinese food the most out of all of us but we all like it. The reason we like Chinese food is we like tasting all the different foods. The food tastes different compared to American food. What do you like best about Chinese food? What do like best about Western food?

We have some questions for you:

What are some popular hobbies?

What are some popular games at recess?

How do you play them?

What is is your absolute favorite cafeteria food(Chinese and Western)?

Do you think we will all be triumphant while doing the three mile walk?

What is the estimated population of Shanghai, China?


Carly, Jordyn, and Jamie

Mikayla said...

Dear Team Toa,
Your slide show was amazing! I noticed some differences in our classes. One of the difference is that you get to go swimming and we don't. What do you do on your laptops?

You Friend,

Tucker said...

Dear Team Toa,

My name is Tucker from Mrs. Yollis' class and
I thought your "A Day in the Life of a Shanghai American School Student" was exquisite!

Here are some similarities. We both have music, art, PE, and computers. We both eat the same kind of breakfast in the morning. We both have lunch and recess outside. We both have a big grassy area to play tag on and we both go to bed around the same time.

Here are some differences. We don't have the same amount of time in school. You call oatmeal porridge and we call it oatmeal. When it's day in Shanghai, China, it's nighttime here in California. And when it's daytime in California, it's nighttime in Shanghai.

Here are some questions for you:
What do you eat for lunch?
How long is your lunch and recess?
What is your favorite subject in school?
What do you play at recess?
What is your favorite food?


Sarah Toa said...

@ Mr. Salsich

We enjoyed making our slide show. Some of us even had to take the cameras home so we could show our whole day.

Beijing is about two hours flight from Shanghai. Next time you come to China, you might visit our amazing city.

Some of us eat Chinese food for dinner but we also eat Western food too. Do yo eat Chinese food in Connecticut?

Your friend
Mrs Toa

Anonymous said...

Dear Team Toa,

I am in Mr. Salsich`s class. I liked your slideshow about A Day in the Life of a Shangai American School Student.
I think it is cool how you guys have a pool in your school. That would be fun if we had a pool in our school.

Here are some questions I have: What is your favorite subject in your school? What has been your favorite part about this project so far?

Margot* in Mr. Salsich`s class

Sarah Toa said...

@ Jaden

We are very lucky to have a pool at our school. It only opened in December last year so swimming at school is a very new activity.

What do you do in PE at school?

@ Grace

We eat a lot of Chinese food as well as Western food. Do you use chopsticks when you eat Chinese food? Most of the children here can use chopsticks.

We get to do two swimming units each year-it's very fun. Where do you put your homework?

@ Iman

If you love to read then I think you would fit nicely into our class. We love reading. What is your favorite book?

We have just finished reading Stone Fox. It was great.

Your Friend
Mrs. Toa

Sarah Toa said...

@ Aaron

Great question! Our school day begins at 8am and the final bell is at 2.55. We don't have to come to school on Saturday.

What part of China are you from? Can you speak Mandarin?


We have art twice in a 6 day cycle. The art teacher is Mr. Toa!

What have you been studying in art?


Some of us eat with chopsticks, and some use a knife and fork.

Do you know how to use chopsticks?

Your blogging buddy
Mrs Toa

Mrs. Toa said...

@ Ryan

We have a variety of food at our cafeteria. There is always a Chinese option such as rice and pork, and a Western food option such as pizza, hamburgers (ham bao bao in Chinese) or sandwiches.

What do you like to read before you turn out your light?

@ Andrew

We are very lucky to have our pool! Many people have commented on it. It is used by middle school and high school students also so we have to share it.

Do you swim?

Your friend
Mrs. Toa

Mrs. Toa said...

@Ella and Sydney

Our lap tops are new this year so we are very excited. In fact the laptops are newer and better than the teacher's laptops! We have typing program which we practice one or two times each week. We have 20 laptops for our three 3rd grade classes. We only have 20 students in each class so each student gets to use their own.

Do you have laptops? Do you practice typing also?

@ Mikayla

We really enjoy using the laptops. It can sometimes be the highlight of a busy day!

We use the laptops for blogging, looking at websites, make movies and slide-shows, as well as typing practice. We have used voice candy, photo booth, and comic life. It's all so fun.

Your friend
Mrs Toa

Mrs. Toa said...

@Carly, Jordyn, and Jamie

Thank you for your comment. I like the thought of you trying new foods. I think that Chinese food here is quite different from Chinese food in a western country. We cannot get fortune cookies-it's not a Chinese thing! Chicken is often cooked with bones in it, and fish soup is also a favorite. Do you think you would like to try the food here?

I like using chopsticks to eat Chinese food, and it's the only time I get to pick up my bowl and slurp my food!!

There are many restaurants in Shanghai that serve both Chinese and Western food so we can really get anything here.

The students like to play sport, ride bikes, roller blades and rip sticks. They like to watch TV and play electronic games.

At recess we play four square, jump rope, or play on the playground. Soccer is also very popular.

There are about 20 million people living in just Shanghai. It is a humongous city!

My favorite cafeteria food is bibimbap. It is served every Friday. It's not Chinese or western. Do you know what bibimbap is?

I liked that word triumphant! We are SO excited about the walk. I think we will raise a lot of money while having a lot of fun.

Your friend
Mrs Toa

Mrs. Ranney said...

Dear Team Toa,
What a wonderful slide show you all put together! I learned so much about your day. Your physical education program, including the pool, was particularly impressive. I was also very intrigued by the blending of Chinese and Western foods at lunch time. What particular Chinese foods do you enjoy most? My favorite Chinese foods available here in the United States are dishes like Kung Pao chicken. Is that something that you eat as well, or is it eaten in a different region of China?
I know that if my father was still alive, he would be most interested in your post because he was stationed in Shanghai during World War II.
I wish all of you the best on your walk. At 7 P. M. Thursday, here in California, I'll be thinking about you as you begin your walk.
Mrs. Ranney

Mrs. Toa said...

Dear Tucker

I really liked your observation about it being night in Shanghai while it's day in California and vice versa.

We begin our lunch time at 11:40 until 12:10. We then go to recess at 12:10 until 12:40. So we get an hour in total.

At the moment I think our favorite subject is studying about Uganda.

We are excited to walk tomorrow...How about you?

Your Friend
Mrs Toa

Mrs. Toa said...

Dear Mrs Ranney

Than you for your comment. We are so lucky to have a great pool and PE program. What makes it really cool are our teachers. They make learning PE fun!

Chinese food is a little different in China. Different regions have different types of food. Some are very spicy. Shanghai is famous for it's Da Zha Xie (Hairy Crabs), Xiao Long Bao (Little Dragon Bun), Chou Dou Fu (Stinky Tofu-it really is very stinky), and Pi Dan (Preserved Eggs)

We have set up a booth to support Uganda in our UN Day displays. We are so pleased that we are part of this project (I originally said no!)

We will be dreaming of you walking on our Saturday at 1am.

Hope the weather is kind to you
Mrs. Toa

Claire said...

Dear Jaden,
We both do have lunch and P.E. Most things are the same. I read that most of your classmates are writing about the swimming pool. Do you have a stage in your lunch room?
Team Toa

Robert said...

Dear Aaron

I'm Robert from Team Toa. We go to school from 8:05 AM to 2:55 PM. How long is your school time?

Team Toa

Robert said...

Dear Aaron

I'm Robert from Team Toa. We go to school from 8:05 AM to 2:55 PM. How long is your school time?

Team Toa

Jie Ling said...

Dear Tucker,

I am Jie Ling.

We sometimes eat Western food like pizza and pasta, or Chinese food like dumplings and fried rice.
My favorite subject is PE.

What is your favorite subject?

From Jie Ling
Team Toa

Andrew said...

Dear Ella and Sydney

Thank you for saying that you loved our slide show.

Also I do like swimming but now we don`t swim but the swim team people get to swim lots of times and sometime they go to places on a plane.

Your Friend
Team Toa

Ella said...

Dear Mrs Toa,

Thank you for telling Sydney and me some more about your students' laptops. I wish we had laptops too!

We don't have laptops at school. We do learn how to type, though, using alphasmarts. Alphasmarts are mini computers with a very small screen that you use to practice typing on. Each time you get better you pass a level. I am at level T H. I just need one more practice and a speed test before I move to the next level.

Every other Tuesday we also go to the computer lab and use the computer for different activities. We do not type there.

Ella in Mrs. Ranney's class.

Aidan said...

Dear Team Toa,

My favorite part of your day is when you use laptops.

We also have hot lunch.

Our days are different because we eat different foods.

Do you eat dim sum? I like dim sum. My favorite dish is the coconut jello dessert. I also love the shimp on a sugar cane stick.

What is your favorite dim sum dish?

All the best,
Aidan (from Mrs. Ranney's class)

Anonymous said...

Dear UGP
We has give you some money so I think
you can buy some more land.
But if you buy some land tell us O.k?

Team Toa

Claire said...

Dear Aidan,

My favorite dim sum dish is this long thing that you can put shrimp in it. Do you know what it is called?

I also like western food. Do you like western food? Do you like western food or dim sum.

Team Toa

Mikey said...

Dear Mr. Salsich

My favorite part of the day is recess. I also like math.

We play recess a day 2 times. We do math every day.

My second best one is P.E, we get to do flying fish, team tag and mat rooms. I always do it wrong.

I wonder what is your best days are?

From Mikey^_^
Team Toa

Adrienne said...

Dear Aaron

I hear you are wondering how long our school day is. Well we stay at school for seven hours. From 8:00 to 2:55.

team Toa

Patrick said...

Dear Ryan

I liked your slide show and I think the Ugandan kids will be very happy with their new playground. Not all kids have Chinese food. They have American food but I like Chinese food personally for dinner because I lived in Hong Kong and China most of my life.

What about you what do like for dinner or lunch?

from Patrick
Team Toa

Sean said...

Dear Team Toa

I loved the slide show very much.
I like American food.
What's your favorite food?

From Sean
Team Toa

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