Thursday, November 11, 2010

Chinese Currency

We had a lot of fun advertising our walk for Uganda and getting our whole school excited about a great cause.

In China our money is called Renminbi or RMB for short

Our class raised
8,679 RMB
which is about
US$ 1,300

What an AMAZING effort.

Our school had a bake sale and all 23 classes came out to walk also
We ended up raising more than
That's more than
US$ 15,000

Can you believe it?

Here is a picture of our Chinese notes and coins.

We researched facts about Chinese money and put together a movie.

Have you ever seen Chinese yuan (also called renminbi, or kuai)?
How is our money similar or different to yours?
What did you find interesting?


Jonah Salsich said...

Dear Team Toa,

What a fantastic video you put together about Chinese currency and your total money for the project. We are all amazed at how much money your school raised! That is going to make a huge difference in the lives of our Ugandan buddies. Well done!

I enjoyed how professional your video was. It seemed just like a real news report. You all did an excellent job speaking clearly and confidently.

I spent a month in Beijing and Xian two years ago, so I know a little about yuan and renmenbi. I will bring some Chinese currency to school when we watch your video so my students can see it. I like how the notes are colorful and full of details - our paper money is rather boring.

Great job!

Mr. Salsich

Miss Jordan said...

Dear Team Toa,

I had a big smile on my face the whole time I watched your video, it was fabulous! I love the way the presenters spoke, it looked and sounded so professional. Well done!

Like Mr Salsich, I am truly amazed at how much your school raised, it is absolutely wonderful. It is great we could all help out the Ugandan students and make a real difference.

Congratulations again!

Your friend,
Miss Jordan

Mrs. Yollis said...

Dear Team Toa,

Every time I see your total I keep thinking... it just can't be! What a generous gift from your school! Everyone thanks each and every one of you!

I thoroughly enjoyed your video! The two anchors of the news show were professional, had excellent information, and were very easy to understand. I also likee the interview out in the field. Super job!

One of the things I noticed about your bills is that they are different sizes. Here in America, all the bills are the same length and width.

Do you think you will be doing more Team Toa News reports? I hope so!

Also, does anyone have a favorite bill? What is it about the note that you like?

Great work!

Mrs. Y♥llis

Anonymous said...

Dear Team Toa,

What a great video you made! You used great expression!

Our money is the same as yours because we have notes and coins and our notes are coloured and our coins and gold and silver.

I found interesting that you call your money Renminbi.

From Skye!

Anonymous said...

Dear Team Toa,

Ilove your post.
Your school raised a lot of money.

Your post looked like a real news report. Only about money. (renmenbi)

You must of raised the most money out of everyone because your hole school walked or raised more money.

Your pal in 2KJ,

Millie said...

Dear Team Toa,

This post is great! Wow! You sure raised alot of money!

I think the video was awesome! Team Toa News is the best news is the best! I want to watch is every day!

Chinese money is very different to Australian money.

Got to go,
Millie! (in 2KJ)

Aidan said...

Dear China friends,

The post was stunning!! I couldn't see the money, so I am watching it again. Please look for our post soon!!

All The Best,

Anonymous said...

Dear Team Toa

I really like the clip about Chinese money. I did not no that there was a 2 jiao in Chinese money. How much money do you think the hole world has?
I really like Chinese money a lot because Chinese money has a person on the bill.

From Ethan and Washington
Team Toa

Aaron said...

Dear Team Toa

I think you can learn from your video even if you come from China like I do.That is why I think your video is a five ★ video.


Ben said...

Dear Team Toa,
I think you raised a lot of money! Here in California I have a question. In China how many yuans do you have?


Mrs Toa said...

To our blogging buddies around the world.

Thank you for all of your comments

We are also amazed at how much we raised. I was hoping for around US$5,000 so I had to sit down when I was told the total.

It took the bank nearly a week to count all the money! We are now ready to send the cheque to the school.

The video was fun. It was great that I just got to stand back and watch it all happen. Ethan was our cameraman, and we had people holding reading cards. It felt just like real TV!

@ Ben
In China 7 yuan is about the same as 1 US dollar so even though I carry 100RMB notes with me, it's only about US$15.

@ Mrs. Yollis
Now that we've made our first movie, we're hooked. We would like to do more this year. Time will tell...
I don't have a favorite bill, but I don't like the small jiao bills because they are worth so little. A 1 jiao note is worth less than 2 cents!

Your Friend
Mrs Toa

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